Automatic sequential marking of walls for tagging

Hello Everyone,

I have problem. I am creating wall panel designs inside of Revit and would like Revit to create marks automatically for every new wall I draw. I know I can create custom tags for each wall type I have, but I want it to have a counter on it as well. When I draw one wall after another I would like it to fill in the mark type with a 1, 2, 3,4 etc… I want each wall to have a unique mark type.

Is this a shared parameter I can create myself in Revit or would Dynamo be able to solve the problem for me ?

Thanks for any input you can share.


Cheers !

The mark parameter in doors is auto-populated to the next sequential number, however it doesn’t act the same in walls. The parameter is present however it doesn’t auto populate. You could however create a dynamo definition which runs in the background on run automatically, populating the wall parameter as you go.


Thanks Mark.


I will try this and let you know how it works. Much appreciated !