Multiple-Parameter Door Numbering by Room

I am quite the beginner in Dynamo, and I have recently had an interesting mission at my job, and that is to renumber all doors in a project based on the room number they open into.
After scouring the internet for anything that can help, I found a few scripts, especially one that does exactly what I need.
It’s from BVN and it’s called “Door.RenumberbyRoom”. It’s quite complicated deep inside, but the block itself is very easy to use, and it does exactly what I need, specifically taking the Room number parameter and applying it to the doors in a room, by rotation.
The problem is that it chooses JUST one parameter, where I need multiple parameters. I don’t just have the room number, I also have the Stairshaft number, Level, Apartment number and then Room number. All these are Shared Parameters. “Door tag -” (Stairshaft 10, Level 01, Apartment 15, Room 200, Door 01…02…03)

How could I manage to make this numbering based on what I already have? I tried using the same block, and instead of Prefix to connect all these shared parameters into a “List.join” or Code block with “a+b+c+d”, but it doesn’t seem to be working.
I feel like I am very close, and I need to practically add the CORRECT, dynamic Prefix to this whole thing.
Here is what I have so far that doesn’t work:

I would upload the script and more images, but it won’t let me as I am a new user :confused:
Thank you so much!!!