Automated room numbers and door schedule issue


I created a script for automating room numbering for a string of rooms; at the end of the script i have a series of nodes that label each room in order with a number series that I designate. Now I want to identify and assign doors to their respective rooms and label them so they read in my door schedule as 1200a, 1200b, 1201a, 1202a etc. (basically the doors in a room would have the same number as the room followed by an a, b, c, and so on). I have looked at a few tutorials and have tried several approaches but I cant figure this out. I feel like if I were to get a bounding box for each door I could generate the labels but I can’t seem to be able to do that. Any help would be much appreciated and I can post additional information if need be.


door schedule issue 1


Konrad Sobon has made an awsome workflow for excatly what you want, even more awsome is that he made it available on his website



Sylvester, first, thank you for your reply. Konrad’s tutorial was the first one I was working with but could not get it to work. I have re-visited it and am breaking it down into smaller chunks to see if I can diagnose the problem. In the first image (door schedule issue 2a), I am plugging ‘get elements’ list into the custom code block that I replicated as per the tutorial, and you can see that the code block is only registering the first item of the list. The second image I attached shows how when I plug the python script node into the code block I get ‘null’. Is there anything you can suggest? I am pretty good in GH but am just starting out in Dynamo so thanks for your patience.

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door schedule issue 2b


Unless I’m mistaken, Konrad hasn’t updated that script for a while, and there we’re substantial changes to how Python works within Dynamo between the latest few releases. In essence this means the nodes don’t work without being updated to the new format.



Sol, what are you saying needs to be updated to the new format, the 4 lines in the custom node? I apologize if thats an ignorant question, I’m still trying to wrap my head around the program.




I used it a week ago on about a 1000 doors worked perfectly, which version of dynamo are you using?


I’m using Dynamo .8.0.950 I just went back and re-read the tutorial again and am confused on all the python code that is listed. There are 4 sections of it, am I suppose to copy that and input that in a ‘code block’ node? I had just typed the following into the ‘code block’;


like it looks on the image in the tutorial, am I missing something?


You need to copy the Python code to the Python node.