Tagging Furniture by room number with a suffix

Hi, I am new to dynamo and was working on a script that gets the room a element is in, in my case furniture systems and changes the “Mark” to the room number the family is in and adds a suffix to the end for multiple items. I am using the Room.Number to get the room numbers. When I run the script it changes some of the marks, some it does not change but almost all don’t have the correct room number . Any guidance would be appreciated !!

Furniture_renumber_by_Room.dyn (10.2 KB)

Are you getting nulls in All Elements of Category? You need to use the output from List.Clean to set your parameter values, otherwise your lists likely don’t match.

Nick I tried using the out put from List.Clean and also just removed the list clean and it didn’t change anything, any other ideas

Ah. You need to use GroupByKey on your elements. You’re sorting/grouping the room numbers but not the elements, so the elements are still in their original order.

That was It, so close but so far away :smile: