Door Numbers Associated with Room Numbers

Hello, I know this topic has been covered several times, but I’m having a heck of a time associating my door numbers with the room numbers. Our office standard is to add the prefix of a letter starting with ‘A’ after the door number. So if the Room is number 101, the First door is 101A, the next is 101B etc… I have tried every youtube video, Dynamo form thread and listing and all of them keep giving me errors… I know Dynamo seems to be very tricky based on what version you are using so I’m wondering if this is because I am using Revit 2020 and all of these posts are several years old. I have tried replicating the sequence depicted below but I am still getting an error. The Room.Name node from Clockwork Package is saying that "Warning: Couldn’t decide which function to execute. Please provide more specific type information. Possible functions were:

Any assistance would be greatly appricated

Is your package up to date?

It says Clockwork for Dynamo 1.x (1.31.1)

Go to package manager and see if there’s a more up to date one.
I dunno if that’s your issue but it’s a good place to start.

Can you take a screenshot of the first door on the list, in plan view? To verify that the door is ‘from’ a Room and not some weird sliver space or facing outdoors.

I’m currently working in a test project so I don’t kill any of the firms real files… I mad sure all the door families have the room calculation point turned on.

Not seeing Room 143 in the layout despite it somehow being adjacent to Room 102.

If a door opens from one room to another (Like Room 106->Room104), which room is intended to be used to label the door?

Some stuff manually in Revit because the last attempt at running this turned all my doors to letters and I was having trouble seeing any progress. That’s probably the confusion… but now its not reading the room numbers at all… Ugh I’ve been working on this for three day…

Room.Name grabs the Name parameter from the Identity Data in the model.
Room.Number grabs the Number parameter from the same.

Please check if you have any unplaced or unbounded Rooms in your model.
That can mess things up.

Of course the last Node there is going to give you some warings, you are feeding it a list with various Null values. If it tries to run a function on a Null object it will give you an error because it cannot be asked for it’s name.

You need to clean up that list first.


I just checked their are no unbound rooms in the project

How do I clean up the List? Its taking all the information directly from the Revit file.

List.Clean and work with the levels to only keep what has a room.

So I found out the error I am getting has to do with my “Exterior” Doors does anyone know how to get the formula to work if I have “Exterior” Doors, such as doors that are not going from one room to another?

You will ha e to use some logic that looks for ToRoom, and if not found the. From room, and the reverse. It may be best suited for some Python here.

Make a perimeter around the whole building with a Room boundary line, if you want in a Workset that never displays and a Room in between the perimeter and the building.
Call it outside