Conduit Parameter to Conduit Run Parameter via "Comments"

Following up this thread: Conduit Parameter to Conduit Run Parameter

Since there seems to be a feature that when all Conduits and Conduit Fittings have the same Comments parameters, the Comments go up to their Conduit Runs, here is a way to use that to transfer other conduit parameters up to Conduit Runs via Comments :

I don’t know any other way to manipulate Conduit Runs’ data via their children.

Conduit Run Comments.dyn (11.2 KB)
(The Shared Parameters have to already exist, naturally.)

What I was wanting to do was to be able to draw a conduit run and then tab select it and be able to fill out comments (which we all know will transfer from the conduit to the conduit run) and fill out my Conduit Run System Type. Then I wanted dynamo to transfer what I typed into Conduit Run System Type for conduits to transfer to the conduit run in the Conduit Run System Type shared parameter that I made as a project parameter which allows it to be used on conduit, conduit fittings, and conduit Runs. I assume that is what this thread: Conduit Parameter to Conduit Run Parameter was trying to do. Due to some of the ideas in the previously mentioned thread I have accomplished exactly that! So hopefully Dan from the previous thread is fallowing this one because i have attached the image of how to do this. Oh and it will make sure that the correct information is in the correct places which is what the previous thread was missing that I fixed.

How to use the workflow
The key is you have to have made shared parameters that are project parameters and force them to be available to conduits, conduit fittings, and conduit runs. Then when you draw a run you have to tab and select the whole run. At this point the shared project parameter you made can be filled out but you also have to fill out the comments parameter so what I do is I use this script and another script that will take my comments and transfer it to Conduit Run Name which is another shared project parameter I made and I fill in the Conduit Run Name in comments so there are two parameters that have my Conduit Run Name but I already had tags and things set up using that parameter. So you could just use comments as your run name.

I hope this answers this thread and the previous thread enjoy!