[GeniusLoci] Auto-Dimensioning & Linked Models

Hi All,

as this is my very first post here, i would firstly like to thank you all for the quality of information you deliver on this platform day by day! I’ve learned so much in reading a bunch of posts and got almost every answer to my questions in this forum! Chapeau! :clap:

I’m currently working on an auto-dim graph for MEP-Openings.

As long as I’m in one model everything works as intended, but if I try to dimension elements in a linked model I have some Issues. (I’ve left the nodes for both, linked and direct, in the graph. So you can just switch some connectors and try in both ways.)

I’ve already learned that I’ve to convert the linked reference, but it seems like the references to the linked elements “stick” to one axis of the “coordinate-system”, but somehow in some cases has the correct dimension of the elements edges. You can see the dimension of both (linked and directly placed element) on the revit-screenshot.

I also tried to dimension linked walls instead of the MEP-Elements, in this case the conversion of the reference works like a charm. So, I’ve no clue why there’s a problem with the MEP-Elements.

Since there’s a lot of GeniusLoci usage in my graph and the core-problem has to be in the reference conversion, i refered the topic to Packages - GeniusLoci, in the hope that Alban de Chasteigner could maybe help. :wink:

Looking forward to your input and thanks a lot in advance!


mep_openings.dyn (61.4 KB)

Hi @Gerrit_M,

Welcome to the forum !

Thanks for the feedback. You’re right, the Convert linked Reference node was buggy with other categories than the walls.
Can you try with the latest update Genius Loci 2019.9.26 ?
It should be better.


Awesome! Thanks a lot @Alban_de_Chasteigner for your quick reply and the editing of your package!

Now everything works like a charm. :slight_smile:

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