Collect the MEP Elements inside Room Boundary

Intersection1 Element In Room.dyn (14.0 KB)

Hello all, right now i did based on the above script which i got it by help from other post to collect the MEP elements inside the Room Boundary. the idea of the script to collect the instance location but right now the issue i have with the System family like duct or pipe and cable tray i cant use the same script with them is there a way to help on this.

I attach the snapshot idea and the script.

Collect Elements inside Room & Renam-REV02.dyn (35.3 KB)

This is the updated Script i did i think it can collect also the System Family, but is there any way that can give to tolerance for the room boundary to even collect the partial element intersect

and please have a look for the script and hope if u have comments or better solution i am welcoming that.

Is there any updates

Hi @eng.ahmedelshamy.bim,

I think I would try using element.location and then check if the point is inside the room boundary.

When you use Element.Solids, it can be hard for your computer to process, when you’re working on medium to larger projects :slight_smile:

I worked on it and i think it works, but it goes again to another issue, that the geometry for the room boundary gives null and i dont know this is because its complex or what i think its not complex but dont know the issue.

There is a node - can’t remember the name - where it collects elements inside the Room’s Boundary. You don’t need to create geometry for the room boundary.

Hope once u remembered let me know it :blush::blush:

i will try it and check if its solving the issue, but one more question is it valid also for the system family like duct or pipe and cable tray??

Yes it is.