Duct/Pipe/Cable Tray offset

Hello all,

I have been working on a script to help with clashes in models. I am not looking for any automation of fixing clashes because I want the users to see the clash. Ideally the user would slice the object in two places. Select the middle element and apply an offset and angle(45 or 90).

That would be the end goal but I understand baby steps are usually the best way to go.

Currently the script draws the lines from the duct point but does not model the duct. I believe the issue is in the Duct.rectangle.Bylines node. Not that this is MEPovers issue but something in my revit is fighting this node from working correctly. Ideally it would also connect the ducts with fittings and

This will eventually have a UI(datashapes) but I want to get the concept working first.

Here is the full script image:

test3.dyn (89.1 KB)

If anyone could offer some words of wisdom or help out with a piece of this. It would be greatful.


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So I renamed the DuctTypes to ductTypes and the error goes away but I still get a null result.

You’ll have to post a better image with the node names and preview bubbles visible so we can see what’s going on.

Hi @george.kaline …happy the node from mepower works for you now…here is an example how it could be done it could be a start for you, it will work on rect ducts but very easy could work on round duct and pipes but not Cabletray the split tool doesnt support that so here we had to rebuild the whole run…run it from player for avoid element binding…give it a try :wink:

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Thanks @sovitek for the graph. I was able to get it working.

I can get the other duct and pipe types to work so thank you for this.

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Here is a way for 45 degree…as you ask for in PM …can probably be made smarter, but is what i had time for now…

@sovitek Your a genius. Thank you so much!

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hæhæ thanks for that label please share that with my boss :wink: :wink: happy you can use it…

@sovitek Would it be possible to share the .dyn file? We’re having some trouble determining how the nodes are connecting from the image and find the idea of such a script fascinating and very useful! Thanks in advance.

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Continuing the discussion from Duct/Pipe/Cable Tray offset:

Thank you…please make a new topic and show an image with all nodes expended, and i will try to help you :wink:

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