Dynamo for Revit MEP

Hi everyone,

I am am thinking of taking my MEP abilities to the next level and make use of Dynamo.
Can someone guide me towards a tutorial (paid if fine) that is well put together and geared towards MEP (beginner to advanced)?

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There are many general dynamo tutorials, for example diroots have one, as does Aussie BIM guru. Both on youtube.

I learnt some MEP tricks from Jason Boehning tutorials on Autodesk University.

I suggest also looking at MEPovers package.

However, the best way to learn is to have some ideas of what you would like to automate. Start simple and work up. Start with parameters, then work up to geometry creation. Think about the inputs and outputs, what functions/process needs to occur, and things you’ll need to ensure are valid, during the way.

Good luck!

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packages that i use frequently for MEP tasks:

Sparrow - this one has some unique nodes for analytical systems and extracting ceiling grids


Thank you so much…It is hard to quantify what I would like to do without having an insight into what is typically done. I think ideally, I would like to be able to place no-hub couplings on cast iron pipes, or auto mate tagging fixtures, creating sheet sets, etc. I will follow the lead…thank you very much for taking the time.



Thank you very much!

My first stop when picking up Dynamo for MEP-centric workflows was to browse the Autodesk University site: Free Online Classes and Tutorials | Autodesk University

MEP content starts to take off around 2016, with presentations for non-integrated workflows (natural gas design, stormwater design, electrical load diversity, etc…)

More recent years have focused heavily on Generative Design, Decarbonization, and Digital Twin content, but you’ll still find a handful of boilerplate presentations in the mix.

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To piggyback on @Robert_Younger 's post, we recently shared a blog post on the Dynamo blog that listed quite a few resources available: (The post might say for Generative Design, but the concepts are dynamo core concepts)