Attaching data to QR codes generated in Dynamo

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I could create QR codes for Revit elements using Dynamo.These codes are saved in the computer. I want to do this process more practical. I want to know how we can put some data (text, video, excel file, image, etc.) in to these codes that we generated so that if we print and paste them to the physical elements and scan them with smart phone at site for example it gives us all information that we attached to these QR codes in Revit and/or Dynamo. Could you please help me? Thank you so much in advance.

@jostein_olsen might be able to help with this.

Thank you Vikram

I hope he helps me

You need to put data on a website (e.g Dropbox) and generate a QR Code from the URL

Thanx Einar for your response

Do you know its steps?
Can we do these steps through Dynamo and Revit? Because I want to attach some data from Revit, for example the element ID in Revit, or the amount of materials used for the element, etc., to these bar codes which were generated in Dynamo.

Is it possible for you to help me? Thanks in advance



As Einar says, an option is to encode a URL into the QR code

I have used BIM360 Field for this, and I used Dynamo to generate the QR code from the object tag
In BIM360 it is a llittle different because you use the application to look up an object (equipment, device, furniture) etc, rather than a specific URL. But the principle is the same

You might be able to use a file:// link, but that would probably defeat the purpose since it would most likely not be accessible from site or on a mobile device. The best approach would be a web link where a unique identifier is a dynamic part of the URL e.g wwww.myurl/objectID=1234567

The last time I checked, BIM360 Field was insanely expensive.
You could probably set up something simple quite quickly & cheaply


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Thank you so much Kulkul for your response

I have two questions

  1. I followed the process that you showed in the figure. I don’t know why the website you wrote in the Code Block cannot be opened. It does not exist. And how can we test whether the data (here it seems a website) have been attached to these bar code? You mean that if we print these bar code and attach it to the pump, when we scan the bar code, it goes directly to the website that we attach it to the bar code using Code Block in Dynamo?

  2. In the last line in the code block, you said that any other information we would like to add? could you please show me how to attach some information like the coordinates of the element, element ID from Revit, Element Image, etc.?

Thank you so much in advance. Actually I have to test it physically. That’s why I asked you many questions. :pensive:

Thank you so much dear Andrew for your quick and helpful response.
Could u please show me the process that you explained. Do you have an example to show me what to do in Revit, BIM360 and Dynamo? Thank you so much

@MOJTABA256 The informations which we have given to you is enough to get you get started. You need to try your attempts and report back here if you fail with files and complete screenshots with list previews and error messages expanded. If you want others to understand your problem. Thanks :slight_smile:


Thank u so much dear Kulkul

I will let you know when I got error messages

Dear Kulkul

I didn’t understand the step for attaching the information to QR codes. The information that you attached is a kind of pump brochure. you used a360 for that. But I didn’t understand how I can do that. If I want to attach the following PDF file that I got from the google:

what should I do? how can I integrate with A360 and put it in the code block like you? I didn’t understand this step. Could you please explain it for me? Thank u so much for your time

You need to feed the URL (as a string) into the ‘in’ of the QRcode node


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Is it something like this as shown in the figure? I have to copy and paste the link from the website into the string and attach the string to QRCode node through the code block as shown in the pic?
If Yes, shouldn’t this data be added to the Revit model? Even when I followed the nodes that Mr Kulkul showed, nothing happened on my Revit element. Thank u so much and so sorry for so many questions.

Good luck on finding the solution for the issue.

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I too would like to know more about this.

I think you misunderstand

Kulkul’s graph with the X+Y is concatenating (joining) text together- the element name and the text from the code block.

Say you have a reference to the manual in the ‘comments’ parameter

You would build the URL like this:

And feed it into the QR code


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Thank you so much dear Mr Andrew for your helps

I defined a URL type parameter in Revit called “Reference” as shown in the picture 1. And built the URL like what you did. The QR code was generated like before, but in Revit model, the link was not attached to the “Reference” parameter that I created (Pic 2)
According to the QR code that you generated above, If we print and scan the code, does it open the link the we attached to it, if we have access to the internet?
My last question is that if we want to attach an image extracted from Revit (like Pic 3) to the QR code, what should I write in the Code Block if I want to see only an image or images when we scan the QR Code?

Great work. Mind if I use this? We can trade some scripts…:grin:

If your reference parameter contain the complete URL- then you don’t need to concatenate anything.

Your graph is not correct because you are trying to concatenate the URL to a PDF plus the ‘reference’ parameter (which is empty)
It is not writing anything to the object (you are using getParameter) and you would not see any changes in Revit. You would use setParameter to change something in Revit.

Try scanning it (or my example) Yes, it should open the URL.
Your screenshot is chopped off, so I can’t scan yours.

For the last question- you would encode the image URL and not a PDF- like this

Please see if you can work it out for yourself


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