Push Type Paramater to Instance Parameter

Hi there,
I’ve determined my issue is related to difference between Type parameter and Instance Parameter.
I’m trying to push the Type parameter for Fire Rating of the walls to the Instance parameter of Fire Rating of the doors. The script runs appears to complete fine, but the data doesn’t transfer. TIA.

A few things:

  • Is “Assembly Fire Rating” a custom parameter? To my knowledge the wall parameter is a Type Parameter called “Fire Rating”.
  • You need to pull the element type of your wall element in order to read Type Parameters, see the screenshot below for the adjustment to your layout.

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To add to robert’s post, be mindful that you should only really set a type’s parameter once ideally. You may have multiple doors with different ratings in the same wall type, so the final node may potentially attempt to set the same type multiple times in a row using different values. I would take a uniqueitems list from the types and then use list.indexof and getitematindex to get the first occurence of each type and the parallel value to set rather than each instance’s type.

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