Finding Elements in a specific Host

I’m attempting to figure out a way to query all elements hosted by another element. I know there is a node that allows you to find the host of a specific hosted element, but I want to do the reverse. Essentially, I’m trying to create a script that automatically updates all door fire ratings based on the type of all they are in. It seems the only way to do this is to somehow isolate all doors that are in rated walls in the script, but having no luck. Will this require some custom node work (i.e. a reverse of the Element.Host node)?

Can you not work the other way around and get all your walls that need fire rating. Then find the doors hosted to these walls and update parameters as needed?

Just use Clockwork’s Element.Inserts


Gah! Of course! Again, an issue with nomenclature/terminology. Thanks - I spent the time working this one in reverse and was able to drive the wall rating parameter into the door rating, but it was on all doors. This node will make it simpler. Thanks Andreas!

this does not seem to work with a ceiling and its hosted light fixtures…

Any idea?