Assign wall width from excel sheet values

Hay, I want assign wall widths from the excel sheet values. I have created wall types but not able to assign the width values that I have in excel sheet. So kindly let me know how to assign width values from excel sheet to the wall types created in dynamo.

Let me know asap.

I am trying to assign the values by setting the parameter width, but it is giving me the error of parameter is read-only. So I want to assign the width from excel sheet values.

Hello @shashank.baganeACM
Yes you can do that using clockwork package “FamilyType.SetCompoundLayerWidth”
if you have only layer then use layer index 0,
if you have multiple layers then check the index number by hit and try method.

You can’t change the edit assembly by set parameter node.

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@honeyjain619 Hay it is not working. I am trying to change the value but it is not getting changed. Please Help me for this.

Hello @shashank.baganeACM
Its working completely fine in my system,
can you please share your script , highlighting where actually you are getting problem.

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Yes @honeyjain619 It worked. I have selected the levels then it worked. Thank you so much for the solution.

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:slight_smile: its good, you got a solution.
have a nice day.

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