Importing from Excel to Wall type Parameter

Hi All,
Sorry if this is a very obvious script but I’m very new to Dynamo and have been searching everywhere without luck.
So I have an Excel file created by Dynamo from Wall type parameters so happy days. The issue come when bringing it back to Revit for some reason is taking what it looks like “1 row” (MEA) and inputting in all the families in Revit when I need them to have SQP and MEA respectively just as they are in the Excel file.
Could anyone please let me know what am I doing wrong?


As far as i can see, you take the fourth list from the transpose node and put it into your walls.
Is this correct or do you want to take the fourth item of every list and put it in to the walls?

Hi mj.deboer,

I want to take the fourth column and match their rows to every wall just overriding the content. If that make sense.