Set DBPoint Elevation to Nearest Text

I’d like to be able to set each AutoCAD Point’s elevation to the nearest text. This is as far as I’ve gotten. I found a DBPoint.Geometry Node, but I can’t find a Text.Geometry Node. And I can’t find a “Nearest” Node that will connect the DBPoint with nearest text.
Happy to post my drawing and Dynamo files if possible.

try this for text

Hi @hosneyalaa,
Thanks, but I have absolutely no idea what to do with a “python snippet”.

Thank you. I appreciate your effort to help me, really I do, but I’m struggling to put together my first Dynamo program. Python programming is waaaaaaay over my head.

My language is not good anyway
Calculate a distance between each point With all texts from Melal Naqou the closest entry is required And so on Determines the order of each text through a list of text points

I don’t know if you understand me
can you look at this

Hi @Pointdump
Currently there is no way of updating AutoCAD Point properties without Python. but the graph attached does the following:

  • Imports Text objects in Dynamo
  • Gets all the parameters of the text object (just to get the internal property “name” for position and text component - can skip this if already knew the property named to read)
  • Draws points at Text insertion point
  • Imports the AutoCAD Points
  • Patch a circular surfaces around each point at zero elevation - the circle is the buffer to find the corresponding text inside the closed area! (be sure to change the circle radius input based on how far the text is from the point approximately)
  • Intersect the geometries and reorder list of “elevation” strings based on results
  • Draw new AutoCAD Points on same layers
  • Delete original points that we started with

I tried to annotate as much as possible so that you can follow the logic, graph created from Civil 3D 2022!
Hope it helps,

TextToAcadPoint.dyn (98.0 KB)


Hi Samir,
Thank you. Nicely layed out and noted. I’ll study it and see if I can understand what you did.

Thank you for the links. I looked at both of them.
Nothing wrong with your language, and I understand you perfectly. Please understand that I have only the barest beginnings of understanding Dynamo. I know absolutely nothing about Python.