"AS INDICATED" in Scale column, when i export my sheet from Revit to Excel

I have problem with the Scale column. Can somebody help me?

Prøve_T3AE_Export_sheet_from_Revit_to_Excel.dyn (90.6 KB)

Have not looked at your script, but do you use a custom scale parameter by any change in your sheets?
I’m guessing your script exports the standard scale parameter to excel and that is still set to As Indicated.

As Indicated appears on your Sheet when you have views with a different scale on it.
I think its better to access the views here.

Hey Marcel

Thanks for that, but I don’t have the permission to change it in Revit file.
That’s why, I try from Dynamo.

What i mean is

  • Get the Sheets
    -Get the Views on the Sheet
    -Get the Scale of the views
    -Write to Excel (including the Sheet name and Number)

I have do it in Dynamo.

In the reality; “Scale string” The yellow one, has no problem with transformation to Excel. but have “As Indicated” problem.

The red one “NTI Scale”. Have problems with transformation to Excel fill. But no problem with places that are “As Indicated” in.

can you help with that? No matter which one works.



Please describe what you would want, just mentioning “i have a problem” is not enough

I try to export my sheets to excel from Revit. With “sheet numbers, name ect”… and I also try to export the scale for my sheets.

As you can se in the red script… The scale function Is correct in Dynamo “1:10 - 1:500.” But when it transformed in Excel, they came up with decimal numbers? Can you help me with this?

So you have an excel problem.
In excel a number is interpreted as a text when you put " in front of the number so "1:100 wont calculate as 1 divided by 100

Thank you! Any suggestions on how I can solve this?

search the forum for concatenate

Lots of thanks Marcel!

I am close to the result, last question…
Do you have any idea why the values go horizontal and not vertical?

what do you mean by horizontal and vertical?

Normally the table should be able to be pulled out like in the first picture.
After having looked at the concatenate scripts and added to my script, it goes horizontal and not vertical like shown in the first picture…

use a transpose node for that

it doesn’t help with that? and there came warning.

Warning: Data.ExportExcel operation failed.
Out of present range. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8002000A (DISP_E_OVERFLOW))

Use it like this example

11Prøve_T3AE_Export_sheet_from_Revit_to_Excel.dyn (113.9 KB)

I have do it…

i’m sorry i don’t have dynamo, so i can’t open it.
please post a picture.


I hope you can see the nodes.