Excel, doesnt understand Dynamo values?

Hello Guys

I’m exporting Sheets from Revit to Excel.
But, I have problems in scale Column.

  • The scale numbers from Dynamo Change into decimal numbers when I put them into Excel.
    But it understand As indicated?


I cant fully see your script so i am not sure, but maybe you could add a object.tostring node.
If this doesnt work for you, please upload your Dynamo/ Revit files so we could also take a look for you :slight_smile:

Prøve_T3AE_Export_sheet_from_Revit_to_Excel.dyn (90.9 KB)

That’s my Dynamo script.
the problem is, I have to columns with scale.

  • One of them get the right values, but failed in As Indicated.
    -The other one, has wrong decimal numbers, and ok with As Indicated.

Look into the excel formatting of your excel file… excel is automatically transforming the 1:500 (or whatever) scales into values. I can’t explain why the values are getting translated the way that they are (1:100 should be translated as ‘0.01’, for example), but the problem will be related to that I think.

I have look in Excel formatting, but I couldn’t come to the result.

But can you help me with As indicated?