Typing Scale Values Into Dynamo

How do you type scale into dynamo considering the quotation marks.

For instance, how can you type ‘1"=10’-0"’

You’ll have to use a string node.

And FYI, if you’re trying to set the scale of a drawing I believe you have to use Scale Value.

I’m trying to filter by scale value. When I use string value it doesnt equal each other.

If you’re using GetParameterValueByName it will return the Scale Value, not the name of the scale.

Edit: An image is always helpful. :slight_smile:

As you can see the string value does not match the scale value. Set Graphic Scales.dyn (29.2 KB)

Why doesnt 1’ =10’-0" equal 1" = 10"? The conditions are false at indice 0 and indice 2

You have a space in front of those strings.

Those strings are directly from viewscales on Revit sheets. Even when I put space into my string node, they are not equal.

there is a space in my string “1” = 10’ -0" . These still dont match

Is there a reason you’re checking the sheets and not the views?

Its checking the viewports that are on sheets.

Oh sorry. I had to bypass that node cause I don’t have it. I replaced it with a newer node so we’re on the same page again.

Is it possible those views are using a custom View Scale? All the other views return the scale value like normal.

EDIT: Nope. It looks like custom scales return a -1.

When I use Sheets.Viewports, I get “1”=10’-0", however when I use Sheets.Views node, then I get 120.

I will just move forward with Sheets.viewports node.

Strange. Viewports still returned a 120 scale value for me. Glad you got it working.