Excel to Revit

Hello guys. I hope you can help. I am still learning Basics in Dynamo and Tasks in my Company are getting tougher and tougher.

I have some data in Excel from People outside of my Company. That list gets updated from time to time. It contains some text Information that i want to show on my Sheet. Intention is that I do not need to owertype this info every time.

My idea was to link this Excel file to drafting view or legend in Revit where it would be written just by ordinary text command under Annotation tab. Is it possible? If not, do you guys have any other idea or a way to make this automatic??

Thanks a lot!!!

The answer to “is it possible ?” is probably yes

But you will need to give some more info on what data the spreadsheet contains, and what you want to do with it.
i.e provide a sample Excel file, or where you have got to with Dynamo, & a Revit file


Hello everyone, just to mention, there was this kind of discussion on this topic lately that could help for a start: