Area list to excel

sorry… again,

braiking my teeth here tryin to write to excel…

i’v managed to split my list,and no i want to write to excel: area name as header and areas as colum below

pleas help…





Hi - Think you need to change the lacing to Longest in the List.Transpose Node

Tested with 3 Rooms - was able to get the result desired by you








While with the Shortest Lacing, I got the result like this.







Hope it helps :slight_smile:

Data to Excel

hey chandrasekar,

thanks ,but i didnt really understenud were dose the list lace fits?

can you walk me on this one?

thanks …


I think Chandrasekar Rajamani was meaning this:






In the “Learn” section there are lot of very interesting materials. I found them very helpful while I was moving my first step into Dynamo.

Here it is another very useful guide: