Design script input for changing lacing?

I’ve been trying to figure out some ‘simple’ design script to sort data based off a parameter input, and read a EXCEL table based on the input values. I’ve got a decent start going, but can’t figure out how to get my design script to process all of the levels of the sublist to be read. If I use a single input, it works just fine like the second screenshot. I just need to process an entire list of inputs and get a separate output for each.

You’re over-thinking it. Use a basic nested If statement. Dynamo will take care of the list structure.

From the looks of your outputs you may also be able to get away with just concatenating values.

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I tend to do this too often with Dynamo! Man, that is so much simpler! (Learning design script, and so far I’ve only found one really good knowledge source document, so it’s been rough!)
Thank you very much!!!

That’s a lot of what learning Dynamo is: figuring out all your available options and learning the simplest way to do something. Keep at it! :+1:

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This is amazing, thank you again!!!

Things are getting crazy over here! now to figure out how to concatenate CA_ into the prefix. The only part I don’t really get is the syntax of the output. if I don’t use a nested new list with [] it only reads the first value and returns “None” for each of the remaining inputs.

Sorry for the dumb questions, I just really want to know DS better and want to understand more than copy/paste something new. ? is my evaluation, why do I need to start a new list twice to have it longest lace? or is that simply how it works? (I’m starting to wonder if a lightbulb is coming on in my brain somewhere!

Now I’m just having fun!! Figured why not include an input for my prefixes too, keeping it fully dynamic!