Exporting room area and volume to excel

I’ve succeeded at exporting room names, numbers, areas and volumes to excel. My question relates to the excel format. I’m trying to list the information as columns in excel but the information is horizontal. Any suggestions? Thanks from a newbie.


You can use Write Excel from BumbleBee package instead.
You can choose to have Columns or Rows in excel.


Alternatively, you can use a list.transpose node in between the excel.writetofile and the list.additemtofront node.

Thank you I will give bumble bee a try. I’ll post results if it works.

Thank you! I’m going to try both of these suggestions. I’ll post the results.

Unfortunately, neither of these suggestions worked for me. I am using Dynamo 2.0 and BumbleBee does not work with that version. I tried the list transpose node and that didn’t work. I am now allowed to upload so here is the current version of my graph.Test data from linked file.dyn (53.1 KB)

This is the last step from having this graph completed to show the engineers. I appreciate any suggestions.


This works for me, let me know how you get on…


Test data from linked file-MA.dyn (73.0 KB)

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Thank you! I tried your file and it still did not work for me. I’m wondering if the issue is with excel. Here is what I got:

Thanks again I do appreciate the help.

That is very odd, if you omit the list transpose like this, does it fix it?

I know it sounds silly, but just to be sure…

Could you double check which Excel you have open?

I don’t mean to be rude :slight_smile:


I tried eliminating the list transpose as you showed but it still looks the same way in excel. Weird. Sorry, I don’t understand what you mean by which Excel I have open.

The Excel should be updating…

Could you double check that the Excel you are reviewing is the one which is being written to…?




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Ah! Ok I understand now. But I finally got this file to work. Thank you so much for taking the time to help me figure this out. Here is my final version:
Test data from linked file.dyn (48.7 KB)

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Bumblebee has now been updated to 2.0