Write to Excel

Just a quick one really.

Using the provided Excel.WriteToFile node, can I use the ‘StartRow’ and ‘StartCol’ input fields to put in sub-list data?


I have room names I want to put as the first row coming in as a list from 0 - 114.

I have room areas derived from each wall coming in as a sublist. 0-114 correlates to the room above, while the ‘walls’ within each of those ‘rooms’ have their own sublist. These sublists vary completely. Room 29 has 7 inputs (0-6), room 51 has 31 (0-30).

I want to be able to associate in Excel the room name from the first input with the room areas from the second, and have each area populate it’s own row while remaining in the correct Room Name’s column.

So my query is:

Do I have to combine the lists (Name and Areas) to create one list to parse out to Excel? Or can I use some funky code block input to allow my sub-lists to parse out correctly? And if so, any tips?




Sol Amour

that is no problem!

you may write into the same excel sheet more than once


Awesome! Thanks Peter, your a total legend.


when writing to excel this should be standard behaviour.

Graying out values in the columns that cant be changed.

This is awesome Peter

In addition,

When using BDLink those values that cant be changed are greyed out.

ElementuUniqueID is one of them, thats obvious to me, all shared parameter can be changed thats obvious too

So, can this be represented in the nodes by a colouring of the parameters?

Would it lower the learnigcurve of using dynamo?

Just a thought,