Arrange list of given areas by name. and export to excel in specific places

hi there,

i have a list of areas with difrent names. i am trying to make difrent list for every area name ,

and export every list to a different locaition in the excel document.

i kinda lost my way…

sorry for the english.



why are you writing the same data to the same file twice?

what are your error messages

my eror message : Warning: Excel.WriteToFile operation failed.
Index was outside the bounds of the array.

my goal is spliting the area list ,acording to the area name.

and place it in the excel document.and every area type(name) will appere in different colum(excel).

i hope u understand me…


you will have to create lists of same size otherwise excel write will fail.

i published a node called List.GenerateEmptyListElements for that


Hei peter thanks,

sorry i’m new to this world of dynamo. iunderstand your node,but i cant figure out the connection.

how to split the area list to 3 difrent lists : A,B,C (area name).

and how to export them to excel to 3 difrent colums.

thanks a lot…13

you have an arealist of 0…10 and try to combine it with a “counter” list 0…7

so after creation of your lists one holds 11 elements the other 8