Area calculation in section view

Hi everyone,

This is my first post here, so i will try to do it in the right way.!

In the project that i am working on, there is a tunnel, which sections have been design,and placed in revit using adaptive components, taking as reference the alignment points. Above it, a mesh which represent the actual excavation was placed, (the mesh was done using a pointcloud taken with a laser scanner).
So there is a tunnel which represents, let’s say the theorical tunnel, and the real one.
I created a transversal section in a certain point of the alignment, in which you can see the difference between the two tunnel sections, the theorical and the real one. (I add an image showing this)

What i want to know, is, if there is a way to meassure the areas of these two sections, in the view created, in order two make a comparison then between the real and the theorical volume of terrain.
The mesh which represent the real tunnel, is open at the bottom.

Thank you.

Provided you can get the alignment, I think the simplest would be to create a surface that is larger than the cross-sections, intersect it with both tunnels (this should give you a curve), close the curves as needed, patch them and get the surface area of the new surfaces.
Look for these nodes in particular:
Curve.Patch / Surface.ByPatch

Something along those lines :slight_smile: