Earth work excavation from topography

I know its not straight forward Dynamo Question , but i could not do in Revit itself so thought may be Dynamo nodes have the solution.
I have tried taking excavation earth quantity in a topography using that method " making exact same topography, phase changes and creating foundation floor and then getting quantities in Topography schedule". But that is for the Yellow area in a picture attached. What if i have slopes (60 or 45) on sides then how can i calculate these “pink” areas. I tried creating floor there and giving angle but thats not the solution as it has its own alot problems plus i cant create an angle of 60 degrees. I also tried with changing (deleting and adding points in a copied topography) but thats also not a solution for angle. Any help regarding calculating quantities of pink mentioned areas would be appreciated. or any other method by which i can calculate the total quantity.
I hope Dynamo might have solution.

Hello !
Let’s try this process

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Here is the first part of the process

solid_from_topo.dyn (48.1 KB)
I let you make the next steps. Just ask if needed.:slight_smile:

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Thanks @Francois_Labonne. I will try what you recommended and lets see what happens.

I think its working. For now i tried a simple rectangular solid to be cutted to see if its working and i think its working. Now i ll make a triangular solid to be cutted.

Great ! You can try too Geometry.Intersect instead of Solid.Difference, that way you will get the excavated volume directly… (Sorry my diagram process was innacurate)

Yes i tried Geomtery.intersect and its giving me exact amount. I will make a parametric mass family and will place every time for desired geomerty to be cut. Thanks alot :+1: :+1: :+1:

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You are welcome :slight_smile: