Area from linked CAD dwg

Hi I’m trying to generate areas from a linked CAD file in Revit, ultimately to drive a massing model. I’ve successfully done this in Dyanmo studio, with a DWG but would like to replicate in Revit.
I have a DWG with some basic 2D polylines assigned to layer by plot reference. I then link this into the Revit file and am trying to create a surface patch and extrusion plus read the area.

I can get the geometry in but anything beyond the CAD.CurvesfromCADLayers is not working out for me.
Any help would be great



You have Lines going into SurfaceByPerimeterPoints? perhaps Get the Lines Start Points and use those? :slight_smile:

Hope that helps,


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Hi @ChrisMarquis4793

Add Polycurve.ByJoinedCurves node after List.Flatten and then connect to Surface.ByPatch node.

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This worked, thanks a lot.