Archi-lab package not loading correctly in Dynamo 2.5

I’ve just deployed Revit 2021 having previously been on 2019. I’ve encountered issues when trying to deploy the archi-lab package which I’ve, of course, installed fresh for 2.5 (although we do still have installs of 1.3 and 2.0.3 running with Revit 2019).

When I first open Dynamo in a session in 2.5, all is fine - all of archi-lab’s nodes are present in the library. However, when I close and open again, try to run player or even open a second graph, most of archi-lab’s nodes disappear (see attached for comparison).

I have tried disabling all Revit add-ins and other packages. This issue exists on all of our machines so must be a conflict with something we’re running?

Any help is appreciated



@Michael_Dunn1 can you please try this?


Yes, I was experimenting a little bit with a different way to get the package deployed but it wasn’t working well. I guess I will go back to the old way and live with the shortcomings.