After installing Archi-lab package, all nodes are not displayed

After installing Archi-lab package 2020.22.9, Dynamo does not display the nodes, only the connectors are visible. If I install the package only for Dynamo 2020, Dynamo 2019 also does not display nodes.
Problem with Dynamo or Archi-lab package? How to fix?

Nothing wrong with the package. New dynamo have some issues. Try refering to this topic.

This is likely due to a dll conflict between versions. Try deactivating all Revit addins for 2020 and 2019. If that doesn’t work try using a differing version of Archilab for 2020 and 2019.

Hi @NurlanAdsk

Which Revit version your using?

@JacobSmall @Kulkul he solved his issue Dynamo 2.3 Slow and Unsuable in Revit

Hi @Kulkul
Revit 2020.2, 2019.2