Dynamo Strange Problem

I am using Dynamo 2.02 with Rvt 2018 I have downloaded Archi-Lab package I seem to be losing the nodes display.
I have uninstalled Archi-lab package this goes away re-install creates the same problem.

I am attaching a screnn clip which also lists other packages installed?

Has anyone seen a similar problem and possibly a solution?


P.S. I n addition it also crashes Revit as well without an error message

This appears to be due to a missing Revit update. Can you check which version of 2018 you are on? Should be 2018.3.3 per this article: https://knowledge.autodesk.com/support/revit-products/downloads/caas/downloads/content/autodesk-transport-layer-security-updates-require-revit-security-fix.html

This is related to this Github Issue and we are trying to pinpoint it ourselves. I would be curious to see what addins you have installed in Revit.

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I have updated to 2018.3.3 from 2018.3.2 and also reinstalled Dynamo still the same issue. Only solution seems to be unload Archi-lab package which I need.

We have traced the problem to an internally developed suite of addins.


Oh, sweet. Are you by chance referencing the Xceed.Wpf.Toolkit in your addins? That is the error we were seeing.

@Cahit_Okten please let us know more - you can contact me directly if you wish - I want to see if we can avoid this problem or at least communicate it better. Did you have any green notifications in your dynamo menu bar?

Yep that is what they are using.