Apply a suffix & order to automatic numbering of mark parameter

I am using a modified Dynamo to automatically number ducts & duct fittings. I am not skilled enough to determine how to apply a numbering sequence or prefix to the automatically populated mark value. I presume there is a relativity easy way to do this and would appreciate help in understanding how to obtain the desired output.

Link to dynamo file

example of operation

What is the desired output?

A number sequense starting from 1 going to the count value?
That can be achieved using your count value in a code block (1…x)

Do you also require a string sufix like A1 A2 A3 etc?

Let us know what the output you’re searching look like and we’ll be able to help out better :slight_smile:

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I don’t know if @luke1337 wish to keep the use of element id’s in the mark value thou :slight_smile:

But otherwise your method is exactly what I would do as well
I would probably combine the two codeblocks as well :slight_smile:



Yes an alpha numerical suffix would suffice. I’ve no clue how to set a limiter though or switch from A to B at >99 for example.

The numbering just has to be manageable for fabricators and site team peeling off the drawings. Obviously readying a 4 digit number isn’t ideal and I’m hoping to roll this out to air terminals with a prefix [G]-1, [G]-2… this also makes scheduling in Revit much easier too.

An alpha numeric suffix can be made by using a clockwork node like this:

Otherwise this might help, it is basically an “if-statement” asking "if less than 3 then set A, if less than 7 then set B else set C


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That’s awesome! thanks so much

Additionally is there a conditional formatting I could apply like… If > A99, use B1, if > B99, use C1 etc?

Let me see if I’m getting you right…

Using the same logic from my previous post

The codeblock with the syntax y@-3<1> corresponds to using list levels on “layer” 3 on the y-value :slight_smile:

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