HVAC - Duct Line number tag numbering in the sequence

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I am currently working on a Revit project. Where I got the requirement regarding there is a sequence line number tag need to be assigned for the Duct system based on the below format. I am trying to automate this sequence using the dynamo script. But I couldn’t able to succeed in that. Kindly check the attached image. And help me to create the dynamo script as per the below requirement.

For eg., 2S345 - 2 stands for second floor, S stands for Supply system type and 345 is the sequence numeber it increases one by one and the number increases for the duct and duct fittings gradually as shown in the image.

Please do the needful asap.

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Hi, this forum is not a ‘‘do my work for me’’ forum, can you show what you’ve tried and where you possibly get stuck and help might be more forthcoming.


Hi @Jonathan.Olesen

Thanks for your valuable reply.

I think you misunderstood my post. I have got some sample dynamo file from the same forum i already tried to do some changes in that available script but couldn’t able to succeed. I am beginner level person in dynamo. So I though of getting some idea or how to do kind of help rather i am asking you to do it completely. Please find the required dynamo script in the below link. Using this script it numbers both Duct and Duct fittings separately in the sequence but my requirement is like it need to start from one end to till the end of the system in the sequence manner as shown in the image attached in my previous post. Please help me whether this kind of sequence is possible using dynamo script. If it is possible what will be concept behind it. I can able to do some trial and error and get it done from my end.


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