Align views on sheet

Hello. I am new to this forum and have a quick question about a node from SteamNodes.

What i want to achieve is to align the views on multiple sheets, and i found the node " Tool.AlignSheetViewsFromTemplateSheet ", i do not quite understand how i put it to work (wich nodes goes into wich input).

In my script i used the Viewport.Create from Rythm to place the views on the sheets.
Yes… i am a novice at dynamo, so any help would be appreciated


Sorry I’m away from my PC… But have a go with the Rhythm Set Viewport Based On Other

Hope that helps,


Hi Mark.
Thanks for the reply! I got the SetViewportBasedOnOther node working, and it does the job. But i have to manually open each sheet and select the view on each of the sheets.
Is there a way to select the views i want from a list and use that node to align the views on multiple sheets?

See if this helps… :slight_smile:

Sheets.Viewports is in Archilab