Cannot align views in sheet (Steam Nodes)

Hi there, I am using Steamnodes to align sheet views from template sheet. But it is not working and all the views are still in the corner.

This is my template sheet:

And this is what I got from the result:

Anyone has similar issues? Or is there a better way to place the views on the center of the sheets? Any input is appreciated. Thanks!

Hi all, I figured it out. The view I used as a template is actually a floor plan view instead of a sheet. Once I changed it to the template sheet, it works perfectly. Hope this is helpful to others.

Hi Shuqi,
Could you please tell me what package you can find Tool.Alignsheetview.fromtemplatesheet note ?
Thank you so much,

It’s from SteamNodes.

I keep getting null in the Tool.Align…Sheet node. Any idea why?

In other words; the node doesn’t work anymore for me.