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I am trying to create a script now which will make a schedule for the ‘areas of use’ on each floor of my project. The schedule I need has to contain ALL areas on each floor, the only thing that I don’t want into the area calculation are my outer walls. So I also need the area under the walls and even the gap between the staircases.
How would you guys approach this automated script? I was thinking about getting all areas by selecting a certain wall type (the outer wall type) and somehow getting all the areas in between those walls, but I have no idea how to get the area of the gap the staircase creates. I will update the post with my progress, any advise is appreciated!
A picture below trying to explain what I need the script to do.

The selected blue floortypes can’t be used for this script since the gaps in the staircases on floor 1 and 2 do not contain a floor. I think this is the hardest part I need to find a solution for.

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If I make an Area Plan
and OK the ‘Create Area Boundary From Exterior Walls’ option, I get Area Boundaries and can put in an Area like this?

Does that seem ok?



Sure that seems okay, but making a script to automatically create these selected area plans for every view and floor inside the project is what I am aiming for. Some project they are dealing with here are very large.

I don’t think you’re going to get a perfect one with this… A workflow like this would work for simple projects…

But it’s obviously difficult to filter and get all your external walls properly.

Also there doesn’t seem to be a ‘create’ method for Areas… So you’d need to copy one from somewhere else I think?

Unless I’m mistaken, I think you might need to accept some manual input for this one.



Indeed, it seems like the manually selecting the boundaries might be faster and definitely more reliable than trying to filter it out like this. Thank you for your input Mark.

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