Calculate Wall's Area

Hello everybody
My Revit project has lots of walls with openings (windows) and I need to calculate each wall’s area up to a certain height. for example in the uploaded image i need a Dynamo code to calculate the wall’s area which is under the red line (blue area under red line).
can anyone help me?
Thank you very much

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I’d use select by face for the wall, select model element for a cutting curve or plane. Then use the custom node " Intersection.Geometry Split" from LunchBox.


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Thanks so much dear Tay, but i don’t want to select surface manually, because my code should works for lots of walls. can you suggest a code without selecting surface manually?


do you want to pick the interior faces? exterior faces? or Both?

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You can pick all walls by category, extract the location line using “Element.Location” from clockwork and extrude it by the unconnected height and get the areas.

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it does not matter. interior or exterior faces dose not make any difference for me. i just need the wall’s area under a certain height. for example a wall is between 3 and 6 meters height, I want to get the wall’s area under 5 meters height, in other words the area of wall that constraints between bottom of wall (3 meters) and certain height(5 meters)

even easier.
1- select all walls by category
2- use clockwork, Extract "wall.location.line"
3- Extrude the curved by 5 meters using "Curve.Extrude"
4- Calculate surface area. (also you can sum the content of the list to get total area)

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Thank you so much dear Tay , that’s exactly what i was looking for!

sorry sir, i checked it again and i realized that this code does not subtract the windows’ areas, what should we do?


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Walls Surface Area.dyn (16.6 KB)

Here you go.

Make sure you have the packages installed:
1- Clockwork
2- Ampersand


Thanks so much dear Tay, it works correctly, sorry for the late answer!

HI! I’ve just found this old discussion, i was wondering if you can help me to calculate the wall surfaces in order to obtain the total area for wall painting than, calculating the interior area for external walls and both faces for internal walls.
Thank you so much.

You can get the sf of wall/material with a simple revit schedule. I think using dynamo to do this is overkill.