Facade areas by room

As mentioned in title Im trying to write a script that would let me calculate areas of the facades for each room. Do I have to split the walls in Revit or is there a smarter way of doing it ? Im very new to Dynamo so I apologize if you find the question silly.

Thanks in advance

You could use the Room.Finishes Node by Clockwork. There would be an output of the room surface areas. You could map these “side” areas onto you outside wall type. This would be a pretty easy way in my opinion. But you have to be aware that you wont get the facade area which is in between the rooms, like the wall ends, etc…

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Hi Gerrit,
Thanks for quick reply. After Room.Finishes node I should use a Code Block to get Exterior walls only?

I meant something like this: :wink:

If your wall type naming of inside and outside walls has no difference, you could also check for parameters like interiour/exteriour. You just need to switch the Element.Name part with GetParameterValueByName and maybe put a String from Object after it.

It worked like a charm but i think Im getting values for the internal surfaces and Im looking for the external. Any ideas ?