Adjust walls parameters (type, height) according to room information

To all the dynamo gurus,
I’m new to dynamo in revit. By following different tutorials, i’ve managed to create finish walls inside rooms according to the room informations. Quite an achievement for a noob like me…
Now i’d like to be able to modify those walls (type, height) according to the changes applied to the rooms informations. So far, i’ve managed to create a list of clashing geometry, but i’m completly stuck and I don’t know what to do next…

Any help would be welcome at this point.
Best regards,

what room information are you looking for?

This may get you started.

I was able to write a script that reads custom room parameters (lower finish wall, and lower finish wall height) and creates new finish walls in every room of type “lower finish wall” to the height of “lower finnish wall height”.
If I change those parameters in the rooms, I would like to create a script that is able the “update” the previously created walls accordingly.
I was able to test which walls were in wich rooms, but i don’t know what to do with this list of lists.

Tanks for the reply.
My concern is about filtering the walls that are inside each room, and then to modify those walls (type and height) according to the informations of each room.
So far I’ve been able to perform a clash detection that create a list of lists (see image attached). For each room i have a list of true when wall is inside the room and false when it isn’t. But i don’t know what to do with this list (or even if it’s a good way of achieving my goal)

Looks like you have all the information already no?

I have a list of lists that looks like this
The fist level corresponding to each room
The second corresponding to all the walls
The third beeing true if the wall is inside the room / false if it isn’t
But i really don’t know what to do with this list

you can delete the node I think

You mean i could delete the walls and rerun the script to create new ones?

As I told you, I am a total newbie with Dynamo, and I wasn’t able to attach the created walls with the existing ones so I have to attach them manualy for every opening. It seems to be a better solution to edit the existing walls.

You can set the correct height and type when you create them.

You didn’t mention openings before.

It’s not uncommon that a finish height or type changes through the course of a project and after being modeled for the first time.
The easiest way to apply those change would be through a schedule of the room.
I was hoping I could “synchronize” those changes by editing the properties of the walls that had been created previously.
But you are right, I could also delete all finish walls and rerun the wall creation script.
I need to refine my script to account for doors and opening.

Maybe this will help.

Tanks for you reply.
I’ve managed to move forward thank to different tutorials on the net. The path is steep for someone with no programming background like me.
Thanks to the community for trying to help us, poor noobies.