Creating Sheets from Excel, again

I have a script running and if I connect this Family Types node to titleblockFamilyType input it works and I can process 50 sheets with views without issue.

If I then switch the input of this node to the one that comes out of the UI.MultipleInputForm++ it will only process (1) sheet of the 50. Can anyone tell me how to get multiple sheets with views processed using this method? I have verified the same element id:964068 appears. The only difference is one is part of a list and the other is not, the best i can tell

That’s exactly the problem.

In your first case, you’re supplying the node a list of inputs (name, number, view) and a single title block. Dynamo is smart enough to apply that title block to all sheets.
In your second case, you’re supplying a list of inputs with a list of title blocks. Even though it’s a single item, it’s wrapped in a list. Lacing takes over (shortest in this case) and Dynamo applies the list of title blocks to the list of inputs… leaving you with only one sheet.

You could change the lacing to longest, but the better solution is to get rid of the title block list. Flatten won’t work. You need to use something like List.FirstItem or a codeblock (list[0]).

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I tried both of the suggestions you made and I still get one(1) sheet with views created… Do I have these nodes out of order?


Can you show the previews please?

Yes. It is still part of a list

Try this instead of your current codeblock:


Looks better already!!! I think it should work now!!!

Out of curiosity, is there a reason you’re not using a radio button input to just return the family directly from the UI++ node?

This is my only my second script I have written using these Data-Shape nodes, so what I am doing on the front end is supplying the user with multiple title blocks and they can choose which one they want to use for this particular set of sheets. Am I doing this right or should I use the other one?

You only want one output, so why are you using the one designed for many outputs? Try this instead…

UI   Radio Buttons

Actually, I have three outputs. One for excel file location, one for view template to align views with, then one for this which is the title block to use. I do like the way you use code blocks to feed data though. I’m not familiar enough with python script to create nodes like that but seeing them I can usually replicate. I really appreciate the extra advice you provided. Gives me ammo!

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