Adding multiple specific views to existing specific sheets

Hi guys,

I’m getting stuck. I’m trying to add multiple specific views to existing specific sheets. The sheets have a number, 11-100, 11-101, 12-100, 12-101 etc. The views have the same number, floorplan 11-100, 3d view 11-100, section 11-100 etc.
It is possible the views are added with a letter,so 11-101-A, 11-101-B. I want to get the right views on the right sheet sorting by number. So the views floorplan 11-100, 3d view 11-100, section 11-100-A and section 11-100-B are going on sheet 11-100. etc.

I got this so far.

The list of views i got from a export the views with the viewtype. A problem with the views is that i also get the work views in stead of only the plotviews maybe adding a filter? But how?

And is it possible to help me further with it?

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I’m a bit further than i was. I can place some views on sheets, see below. However the views do not go to the right sheet. Who can help me out? Thanks!

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The list from excel contains 7 items while the list from the sheets in your project contains 10 sheets. Dynamo will try to place 1st item with 1st item so it looks like the views for 11-100 would be place on sheet number 00. You need to filter your sheets from the project to the sheet you need. You could try the “List.MatchWithKeyValues” node from Clockwork.

Thank! I’m a bit further now.

I can filter de views with the sheets but my next problem is to place multiple views on a sheet. I’m trying to use the node: [Placing existing views on existing sheets](Placing existing views on existing sheets but it seems to place only one view on a sheet. Or maybe my problem is the Null in my view list.

What i want is that 11-103-A an 11-103-B both are added to Sheet 3

thanks for helping me out!

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Where can I find that Views On Sheet node ? that seems like exactly what I am looking for.

By description so does Tool.PlaceViewsOnExistingSheet from Steamnodes.

I am trying to place 12 Drafting Views on 1 sheet at specified points. It place the first one at the point I want nut returns null for the rest.