Add shared parameters and value to selected elements


I have many model-in-place elements in my project and would like to add a shared parameter (in this case a structural material) to them. I can do this “manually” by adding a new shared parameter while editing the object. But I would like to automate the process.

I find the node Parameter.SharedParameterFile in Dynamo which I would like to combine with Parameter.Group, Parameter.Name, Value of the parameter (since the shared parameter I am after is “Structural Material” we can use Concrete as an example) and Select Model Elements. See figure below where I try to illustrate the input values I want for the final node.

To specify: I don’t want this to affect all elements of the category.
Does anyone have a good solution to my problem?

I think you are confusing shared parameters, instance parameter and type parameters.

Shared parameters are realy ea sy to add with Revit and you don’t need a script for this if I have it correct.

By project parameters you can easily add shared parameters wich will apply on the categories you will select.

If I have it wrong please let me know!

Adding a shared parameter to one single model-in-place element or category is not a problem. But I can’t chose multiple elements and assign a shared parameter to them, unless I want this parameter assigned to all elements of the category, which I don’t. So instead of selecting each model-in-place element individually (which would take a lot of time) and add the shared parameter I need (which is easy to do “manually”), I would like Dynamo to add the parameter and value to the elements I chose in Revit - if possible! :slight_smile:

Ah I understand it now you want to have a kind of shared parameter added to certain model in place elements without using a shared parameter because you won’t want this parameter be added to the elements

I have not so a solution for you.Maybe look into the Orchid package there are great nodes for adding all kind of parameters

I did something with automatically adding parameters to a family file but you want something for a model in place

Hehe. Maybe I’m over-complicating. But I’ll try to explain one more time: I have added a few shared parameters to some elements (by category) in my project. I would also like to add these shared p. to some model-in-place elements. Why? Because when I export my model as IFC I can modify the setup and include user defined property sets. In the user defined property sets I have included certain shared parameters (but they don’t apply to my m-i-p elements unless I were to include them by category, or individually).

And thanks for the Orchid package tip!

if you want to export for IFC, then you need the four basic parameters for that, I have a node for this as well. This node is also setting all the categories there is of modelbased categorytype…

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