Orchid package --> released at Github



I have updated my package to version 200.2.0 / 130.2.0 at Github. This is the first version supporting Dynamo Sandbox/Studio as well as the “normal” Dynamo.

Besides is the getter and setter nodes for parameter values updated so they (should) support conversion between SI and Imperial units. I would be glad if someone had time to test this. It could very well happen that I have not thought of all instances for conversion issues :slight_smile:

Family nodes look like this now…

All nodes…

Github -> https://github.com/erfajo/OrchidForDynamo

Renaming Filtered Views
Remove parameters from families in a directory
Replace all values of a sublist with given sublist

I have in addition made an executable installer reachable from GitHub.


Hey Erik,

Thanks for the package. It worked very well until I had to uninstall and reinstall it. What happens now is, it installs but says to update the pacakage. Then a node takes you to the website with the update download files. After I delete the old files and paste in the updated files, the package disappears from the library, but remains in the package manager. When I open my script, the nodes still don’t work. Thoughts?


Try using the executable installer. And most important, Revit and Dynamo must be closed during installation.


Thanks for the tip, but it’s still not working. Any other ideas?


What about the view extension definition file? The update directions don’t mention it, but I found the xml file in the extension folder.



We have one computer that was working so we copied his Orchid folder to my pc and it worked. So, you might want to check out your Orchid download on the Dynamo package manager and the update files. Thanks for getting back to me as well.


Fred O.


The view extension definition file is something I work on. That file is not to be used at the moment. It is not included in the installer and is not to be used in the “copy” process. Since I don’t write anything about that, don’t take care of it.

Next, I have only what is provided at Github. I made the executable installer to help to do the right process, and I know that it works where I have tested it.

Do you by any chance have packages installed where the file “DynamoServices.dll” is installed? this is a mistake if that is the case. I know that the previous “Lunchbox” version included this file, and that will give you errors. The might be other packages there by mistake include “DynamoServices.dll”. That assembly should only be released by Dynamo and nobody else!

The end of it is still… if you cant manage to get it going I do not have any other help to offer.