Orchid package --> released at Github



I have updated my package to version 200.2.0 / 130.2.0 at Github. This is the first version supporting Dynamo Sandbox/Studio as well as the “normal” Dynamo.

Besides is the getter and setter nodes for parameter values updated so they (should) support conversion between SI and Imperial units. I would be glad if someone had time to test this. It could very well happen that I have not thought of all instances for conversion issues :slight_smile:

Family nodes look like this now…

All nodes…

Github -> https://github.com/erfajo/OrchidForDynamo

Removing/getting Parameters in a (non-active) family document
Accessing Family Parameter- Shared and change the Value
Renaming Filtered Views
All parameter to Component Family
Replace blank value in list
Custom packages are not showing up, even if correctly installed
Remove parameters from families in a directory
Replace all values of a sublist with given sublist
Family Shared Parameter Values with Values from Identity Data

I have in addition made an executable installer reachable from GitHub.


Hey Erik,

Thanks for the package. It worked very well until I had to uninstall and reinstall it. What happens now is, it installs but says to update the pacakage. Then a node takes you to the website with the update download files. After I delete the old files and paste in the updated files, the package disappears from the library, but remains in the package manager. When I open my script, the nodes still don’t work. Thoughts?


Try using the executable installer. And most important, Revit and Dynamo must be closed during installation.


Thanks for the tip, but it’s still not working. Any other ideas?


What about the view extension definition file? The update directions don’t mention it, but I found the xml file in the extension folder.



We have one computer that was working so we copied his Orchid folder to my pc and it worked. So, you might want to check out your Orchid download on the Dynamo package manager and the update files. Thanks for getting back to me as well.


Fred O.


The view extension definition file is something I work on. That file is not to be used at the moment. It is not included in the installer and is not to be used in the “copy” process. Since I don’t write anything about that, don’t take care of it.

Next, I have only what is provided at Github. I made the executable installer to help to do the right process, and I know that it works where I have tested it.

Do you by any chance have packages installed where the file “DynamoServices.dll” is installed? this is a mistake if that is the case. I know that the previous “Lunchbox” version included this file, and that will give you errors. The might be other packages there by mistake include “DynamoServices.dll”. That assembly should only be released by Dynamo and nobody else!


The Orchid package is updated --> current version is now 130.2.05 and 200.2.05

FamilyDocument node examles


I have coded two new nodes, replacing the comparable OOTB nodes. By doing this I solved my own issue I filed at DynamoDS GitHub --> https://github.com/DynamoDS/Dynamo/issues/8897.

The problem feeding a list of categories is also solved.

New version of the Orchid package is available --> 130.2.06 and 200.2.06

Create Shared Parameters
FamilyType Parameter Type
Renaming Shared Parameters
Create Shared Parameter Node - Unstable?

I have Improved the Parameter nodes and extended it with two more nodes.
The AddSharedParameter node and the AddProjectParameter can now be used to update category binding if the parameter exists in the project in advance. Furthermore is the ChangeCategory node used for changing/updating category binding. The DeleteParameter node is for removing/deleting a parameter in the project.

How to delete multiple family parameter from inside the project

Many nodes have been made for solving FamilyDocument issues in such an amount that the overview has become muddy. Therefore, have these nodes been split into sub-classes. However, all nodes should be covered by the migration, if not, then let me know.

New version of the Orchid package is available --> 130.3.0 and 200.3.0

FamilyDocument node examles

Data-Shapes Guide

I have updated the installer for Orchid so it works just like the new “LunchBox” installer. Good thing is that both the 130 branch and the 200 branch is being installed according to the dynamo versions installed (including the beta 2.1.0) AND it is installed in the “Sandbox” version as well in the proper folders. it installs all in all two versions per branch without the user has to do anything :slight_smile:

However, if you have located your packages elsewhere than dynamo does OOTB, then you will end up having competing versions of Orchid installed. In such cases, you need to manually delete the “old” Orchid folder and manually move the needed Orchid version to you tweaked location.



This is a somewhat regrettable announcement I have to bring, but nevertheless.

In the future will I not participate that much in the community due to many circumstances.

This means that I have changed my profile so it hopefully will redirect uses to the Orchid project site at Github.

If you have questions concerning the Orchid package, please use the (Github) issue page.

Add Shared parameters to some families (Orchid package)
Extract Parameters' formulas
Duct Splitting

Sorry to hear that, you will be missed, best of luck with everything, thank you for all your help and assistance.



Sorry to hear that Erfajo.
You are one of my favorites on the forum
Good luck



Very sorry to hear. Thank you for all your help to me, and generally to this community


In the establishment of the Orchid sample collection did I recognize the need for using system variables for directories. Therefore have I made nodes for this.

New version of the Orchid package is available --> 132.3.4 and 201.3.4

The sample collection demonstrating how to use nodes in the Orchid package is also released and also included in the executable installer!



I am trying to remove multiple family parameter from the project (Trying to remove parameter of family inside project ) . Does your Remove Parameter works for Project.

Thank you .


I have been around in this community for a long time. I have helped users with all kind of issues, whether it is the usage of nodes, forming graphs, and/or python coding. Spanning from a basic level to a highly advanced level (mainly concerning coding).

In parallel to this have I maintained my own package. In the beginning was it called “DanEDU” which is deprecated now and continued as the current Orchid package (project). The later coded in a .Net environment there solves many issues not covered by the OOTB nodes, including solving issues with OOTB nodes.

At the same time while I was very active participating and solved many issues could I register that other users were promoted Moderators by the Dynamo team. Users which has not been helping out others, which to a very limited point only was supportive towards their own stuff. Packages not widely used as mine is. At that point, I became so disappointed that I simply start doing the same. I am sure that the Moderator group can show this in a graph when I started pulling back only supporting my own stuff.

At some point, some users with limited skills began to attack my package, and even I tried to get the Moderators to stop them that didn’t happen. At that point, I decided to pull back from the community.

Without the proper rights in the community or the acknowledgment from whoever is deciding who can become Moderators, then I see no reason for me to be an asset in this community.

However, I am still very active and I will gladly help anyone I can. I just offer the service from my Github environment. So If help and guidance are needed, then use my issues page. Then I will try to take care of it.

How to delete multiple family parameter from inside the project
Remove some text characters from each item of lists
Add Shared parameters to some families (Orchid package)