Parameter.AddSharedParameter Error in Dynamo 2.16

Who can help me with the following?

After updating to Revit 2023 (Dynamo 2.16) I get an error on the Paramater.AddSharedParameter node.
It does work in Revit 2021 (Dynamo 2.6).

Does anyone have any idea what could be going on?

Are there any other nodes that can add shared parameters to a family?
Perhaps a Python script?

Thanks for contributing ideas!

It is failing in type - the one bit of data you haven’t shown us. What’s the type input?

Hello Aaronrumple,

Hello @Fernand77 …could something help…

Hello Sovitek,

The Parameter.AddSharedParameter node expects a Orchid.RevitProject.Common.Document

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That doesn’t work for me. I want to Add a Shared Parameter from my Shared Parameter file.

Sorry i delete my last post, becourse i dont read the question the right way,heheh :wink: yes you want shared family parameters i guess

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It does appear that you might be providing a project document, but the node indicates a family document for the input.

Something here could add a shared parameter from your file in family-document…but not sure if it what you want,