How to drive a shared parameter

In Revit i have a pile that is nested into a pile cap family and i have a shared parameter attached to the piles. Is there a way to select the Pile shared parameter and change its value in one hit?

I dont want to individually go and select each individual pile and change its value as it would take too long. Just want to know how to set it up in dynamo.




Accessing the parameter that way, its “Read Only” (i think) So im not sure how you would change it in one click the way your thinking.

So i would recommend you open the Parent family (Pile Cap) and link the piles shared parameter to a parameter in the Pile cap family. (Select the pile, find the shared parameter, click the small button to the right of it, and select a parameter to link it to)

Doing this will put a parameter on the Parent family that you can edit when in the project, and because its linked to the Pile, it will push the value back.

So just create a basic Element.SetParameterByName definition to change the linked parameter in the Pile cap and it should do the trick.

Hope this helps

Thank you Alisder, Im very new to dynamo, I have had play with it but thats as far as i goes. The parameter is associated to structural foundation and is just a simple text parameter which i can change the value to what ever i please. I want to know how to create a node so i can change that value of that parameter in dynamo . So if i use <strong style=“font-weight: 600;”>Element.SetParameterByName what other definitions would i need ?

Thank you

Hi @Alisder_Brown can we link shared parameter with family parameter in Dynamo instead of doing it in Revit?

Hi @_Vijay , I got it, but I dont think this works with Material parameter.
So example, in order to assigned material for a generic model after loaded it in Revit. In family editor we will have to nest the “Material - shared material” to the family material parameter.

This nodes here only creates the shared parameter without linking it to the family’s actual material parameter. so if we assigned material for the generic model in revit, it wont show up.