Add Shared Parameter to Project node can't change Parameter Type


As title say i success create the shared parameter by the node of Grimshaw(Archi-lab)

but the type of parameter is always as Integer type.

That is a bug?

Can't change parameter type

ok i found that Integer type is my first time setting and
i need to delete the shared parameter and recreate the type of parameter.

Other question is can i add more than one category by this node?

my goal is create shared parameter by revit selection elements / category.

You will habe to adopt Konrads node.Something like reading Excel and create shared parameters definitely is possible from the existing node


Wy Hou,

Let me reiterate your wishes so I can better adjust this node.

  1. You want to be able to add this parameter to more than one category at the time (in Revit UI you can check more than one box so this would be an equivalent of that).

  2. It seems like changing the Parameter type after the parameter was created doesn’t change it from the original. I can have a look at that too.

I will get back to you, when these changes are made.



is there any way to do the parameters as a Type Project Parameter?

even though i select the false, parameters created as Instance.



Hi guys,

One more question is can I choose more options from Parameter Group.

as I see there are 105 value from this node, but it’s still missing some value in Revit such as: Other or Dimension.

And hope that we can add more than one category at the time.

Thank you.

You can only assign a parameter to one group. This is no different than what UI would allow you to do.

More categories at the time is surely possible, but I haven’t implemented this yet. Sorry.

Thank you,

Hope to see new package from you soon.


I already know that only assign a parameter to one group.

My goal is making a share parameter, add this to some categories in “Other” tab and then assign value for them.

But it is missing “Other” tab on “Parameter Group” Node. My question is can we know where is “Other” tab ?

If I assign manually a project parameter to Revit categories, I can see it. But with “Parameter Group” Node, I can’t find it in 105 value.

Hope that you can show me how to find it.