Help: AddShared Parameters to Project Node for multiple Parameter Groups and Parameter Types

Hi All,

In the same vein as in this thread:

I’m curious if it is possible to somehow pass a list of Parameter Types and Parameter Groups into the Add Shared Parameters To Project node. seems to indicate that all parameters added must be of one Parameter Type and One Parameter Group.

All of my experimentation is yielding the null result unless I pass only one Parameter Type and Parameter Group to the node.

I would like to create several parameters under varied Parameter Groups and with varied Parameter Types in one go.

Any advice?



Please share screenshots. Here’s also another thread on this topic:

Here is a screenshot of what I want to do. Will I need to modify the Archi-Lab node Add Shared Parameter to Project to accomplish this?

I read the thread you linked but the only suggestion from within I have not tried is a reference to I am not certain that list mapping will resolve my question.

Here’s a shot of my set-up working as shown by @Konrad_K_Sobon in


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I’ve got some different results with the OOTB Parameter.CreateSharedParameter node and Cross Product lacing, it could be what you’re expecting…

Thank you.

I will experiment and mark solved if I get it working.