Adding Project Parameter


I need help on adding project parameters from a shared parameter to some categories.

MR @Kulkul helped us on creating the shared parameters from an excel file on the following topic:

now we want to assign these parameters as project parameters, any idea ??

@MegaMax84x Drop here your excel file.

Sorry Mr. @Kulkul,

i noticed that your script from the other topic is actually doing both of the following tasks:
1- Adding shared parameters from the excel.
2- Assigning them to the project as project parameters.

excuse me for wasting your time.

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

No problem. I don’t mind. I am very cool guy :wink:

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Hi @Kulkul,

Would you be able to set those “Shared Parameters” into several categories at the same time e.g. (Walls and Floors)?
When I try to create a list of categories in order to feed your Python script it is not working.

Thank you very much in advance.

Start a new thread. This topic is already solved. Thanks :slight_smile: