Revit Dynamic Schedule for Sheet Views

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This is quite a difficult one (for me anyway), but, is it possible to drag a structural framing schedule (which includes a big list of every single structural framing object), and drop the schedule onto a sheet which displays only the viewed objects in the sheet?
E.g., see image - the schedule includes too many objects, but I want to use that same schedule on other sheets too without having to duplicate the schedule.

I don’t think that you will be able to avoid duplicating the schedule, cause it behaves the same way as views do. But you can use view duplicate in your script, and just duplicate it and create new schedule filters.

Could dynamo create a duplicate of an existing schedule, but filter it to include only the objects displayed within the view. E.g., the image above: could dynamo make a duplicate of that schedule but only show the structural framing within the view?

You could possibly collect elements in view and then set an instance parameter as an identifier (sheet number?), then filter the schedule to that sheet name. I think you’d have to duplicate the schedule for each sheet though.

This might mess up if the elements appear on multiple sheets, but then I suppose you could just filter by contains rather than equals to catch ones that appear on multiple

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Hmm do you think you could upload a demo script? Even if the script is incomplete it’s fine, I just something I can start from.
Thanks in advanced.

This is just a go at how I’d do it. Someone else could probably give you a better method but I’m still figuring a lot out. I use Data-Shapes to get the elements in view.

The next part would be to set the schedule filters to be Section 1/2/3 or whatever you decide to use to identify them. I’m not sure how this would work if a column was visible in multiple sections though!

Hope it gives you something to work off

Hi this is my script for duplicating Schedule and creating Schedule filters for InSitu elements.
Sadly it is mostly written in Codeblocks.
Element - Schedule.dyn (42.9 KB)

If you need some extra explanation just let me know.