Place multiple views on multiple sheets by coordinates

Yes…on your views not on location enable your list level to only use @L2 and on your location also @L2. Both of your list are too deep so upped it one level.

If I’m doing so I’m getting Null:

Ok where nearly there hover on the error (yellow) and tell me what it says
Or you can post your dyn here and i will adjust

I have started from the beggining using @Daniel_Woodcock1 script. I could succesfully place a views and legends but not schedules. In the preview node it is not getting the rectangular preview inside the sheet. Has anybody tried to place schedules on sheets?

Yes i have but not using the python code on this topic. If you look for the topic called legend placer the dyn graph is there but its an old topic. I can upgrade it to cover whats been added from the above python code. If you like you can create a new topic and reference the old topic and this one so we can reply to that. Maybe @Daniel_Woodcock1 can find a spare time to upgrade his code above to include schedules. If not as i said i can do it but it will be in the coming days…
You can try it yourself and put the two together and learn from it in the meantime. Enjoy.

Hi guys,

I’ll have a look at the issue tonight and should be able to fix. From reading it seems to be to do with schedules. I’ll have another play around and see if I can duplicate the errors you are getting and post back here.


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Hi @Pep_Mol/@4bimfercesp,

I have added functionality to the nodes to allow Schedule Instances. I have also updated the Preview Node to handle Schedules too. This pretty much supersedes the PlaceLegend node (mentioned earlier) as this does all that did and more.

PlaceViewsOnSheetByLocation.dyn (58.6 KB)

I tested on most cases but let me know if you run into any other issues.



@Daniel_Woodcock1 great job! I’ve just tested it and works great. Thanks a lot.

No problem @Pep_Mol. Glad to help!

Hi Everyone,
I’ve had the same problem : how to add a schedule to a sheet. And some one (@4bimfercesp) told me to look at this post. But, well, maybe I’m doing something wrong, I can’t add any views or schedule to any sheet. I’ve always have the same error and I can’t figure how to solve it :

Hi could you show us a screenshot of the lists you’re inputting into the node, to help us see what the issue is. There have been similar problems that have been solved in this post and they usually are around understanding that you need.

  1. A single (flattened) list of sheets
  2. A nested list of views
  3. A nested list of locations (points matching the number of views).

Let us know how you get on.emphasized text


Sure, here is the whole script (as a test ) :

My needs : To place a single schedule on a single sheet OR to place a list of schedule on a list of existing Sheets (one per sheets)

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @mickael.g,

As @Kotey.Nikoi mentioned. The inputs for Views and Locations need to be nested by one level. Use List.Create after each of those and plug them into their respective ports on the PlaceViewsOnSheet (Py) node. This should fix it.

Basically, as mentioned earlier in this same thread…


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Yep, it works !! I didn’t understand the “nested” thing, since I use Dynamo in French ^^
Thanks everyone for your help :smiley:

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could you also share your excel file?

Hi @Architecture_Faster,

Which Excel file are you referring to?

nevermind i was looking at the wrong link

@Daniel_Woodcock1 @Kotey.Nikoi
I think I’m close to getting this to work - I don’t receive any errors, but I get
"[0] ‘str’ object has no attribute"
(Context: I’m trying to place a single legend on all of the Installation sheets)

Any thoughts on what I’m doing wrong?

If you have not done yet add a flatten node to your view and location list and feed that to the input. Try that and let us know.

Not entirely sure but it doesn’t look like you’re feeding actual sheets, but feeding a string that describes the sheet type, into the sheet input of the node.

My guess is you’re trying to filter a particular sheet type? Once you’ve done that you need those filtered sheet elements (ending with the green id number similar to what you’re seeing with the views) to be inputted into the sheet input of the node. Let us know how that works.

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